There on the horizon, behind the curtain,
Lies thunder and lightning, of this I’m certain,
I watch the distance, I watch it dancing,
Delirious fury in lit-skies prancing.


I get to hide behind the scenes. I get to hide in the trenches, designing the vision, laying down the blueprint, the foundation, that will allow this individual to do what is necessary to win on show day. I get to watch them go from unsure, unconfident, scared, and nervous—to triumphant, proud, grinning ear to ear, when they get up there and know they have succeeded.


Ingredients (we are somewhat liberal with spices and try to use an even amount of each)- 1 lb of ground turkey 1 whole egg 1/4 cup of gluten free Italian breadcrumbs dried minced onion minced garlic Basil Rosemary (can also use an Italian seasoning blend) Sea salt...


For years, my motivation was primarily the oversized chip that resided on my shoulder, a burning need to prove that I could work harder, work smarter, work longer, faster than anyone else. But times have changed. I’m older, wiser and perhaps a little more tired. I’m a parent now. Becoming a parent changes your perspective, or at least your orientation, regarding a few things.


If you’ve hung out with physique competitors for any stretch of time, you’ll notice that we often have some pretty eccentric eating habits, the little tricks and efficiency tips we have that allow us to stick to a plan and get through the day. Here are some of my favorite eccentric dieting choices.


That burn is akin to the feeling of holding onto a weight when your grip begins to give out—when you can feel it slipping out of your hands, out of your fingers, but it hasn’t yet fully slipped; and you know if you squeeze just a little harder, you can hold onto the bar for just a little longer; but it hurts, so you want to stop; but you want to advance, so you continue to squeeze; and you feel yourself being pulled in different directions, how long can you ignore the sensation, how long can you hold on.


I am tired, but I look at the clock, and I count the minutes—not in misery, not in suffering, but in honor of a small goal accomplished. One minute down, only fifty-nine left; two minutes down, a mere fifty-eight left. The minutes pass one at a time. Nothing can speed them up. So my stride remains steady and true.

The 100% Dedicated Bodybuilder

Not officially prepping yet, but sliding the volume control up from 85% to 95%. We’ll linger here for the next three months, and then begin prep proper. During prep, I am the 100% dedicated bodybuilder.

Winston Grey

I’m a single parent, so the hardest part of getting ready for my shows are on the days when I have my daughter, and figuring out a way to still get in all of my cardio and workout.

Heather Ingalls – Warrior’s Corner

I would like to thank my amazing coach Nikki Johnston, whom I hope will never stop training because I am going to need her for a long time! My amazing supporter, Abel Hernandez, for being there for 2am training sessions, constant meal prepping, the emotional highs and lows,and pushing me further than I knew how to do on my own. Also, my mother Nichola Trail, always available by phone, and always sending me the right pick-me-up when I needed it most. Love all of y’all.