Vegas Redemption: A Tale of Two Warriors

“I was leaning against a garbage can talking to Nikki when a homeless bum approached us—an old black man missing the majority of his teeth. I’m not religious, or mystical or superstitious in any sense. But I do believe that, with a little bit of perception and attention, you can see into a person’s soul. And this homeless man did precisely that. “

The Shaker Cup Scandal

How many variations on a shaker cups do we really need? Is it such a complex piece of technology, so vital to one’s progress, that we require a minimum of four different companies willing to shell out multiple thousands of dollars, in order to show their new “innovative design”?


This rage does not have a specific object. It is not violence directed towards another person, or even an inanimate object. It is a general state of staring down your goal, the obstruction that lies between you and greatness, and knowing you can demolish it, destroy it, rend it in half and rip it apart. It is knowing there is a demonic fury underneath the surface that is at your command, if and as needed.

Identifying, and Living, the Dream

She quit soccer because she hated running, played softball because she loved “team snacks”, and binge eating turned her into metaphorical elephant. Lauren Javier has certainly come a long way from there. As a personal trainer and bikini division competitor she now not only ‘walks the walk’ , but teaches others how to do make the same changes in their lives.

Turkey & Chicken Chili – Healthy Recipe

Turkey and Chicken Chili – This easy to prepare, HEALTHY version of chili is perfect for the upcoming cold winter & fall days. High in protein, this recipe is great for losing weight, gaining muscle, or just staying healthy.

Winston Grey

I’m a single parent, so the hardest part of getting ready for my shows are on the days when I have my daughter, and figuring out a way to still get in all of my cardio and workout.

It’s a Business: Where to Draw the Line When Chasing Profits

90% of the crap that is pushed out by the fitness industry are dead-ends and glossed-up bullshit. Supplements, fitness fads, and implied promises of wealth and stardom. The fitness industry has a long history of selling lies and false hopes.
I’ve never seen John Meadows promote a shoddy product, give an evasive answer to a question, rip off someone else’s training templates and sell them as his own, or sought sponsorship from companies that he didn’t believe in. You can do the fitness business the right way. What are you selling?

And Please Bring Proper Attire

You rush out the door for work in the morning and forget to pack your gym bag. Or you pack the gym bag but forget the shoes, shorts, bra, or underwear. Here’s a checklist to make sure your wearing ‘proper gym attire’.


Some souls were not meant for leashes. Some were not meant for chains. Some souls have simply always existed, and always will, brought into this world with resolve that will not cease. Will never die. Cannot die.

Post-Workout Banana Bread

This very simple healthy Post-Workout Banana Bread recipe is a great base for all sorts of variations. Try adding diced apples, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, berries, pumpkin or applesauce!

Heather Ingalls – Warrior’s Corner

I would like to thank my amazing coach Nikki Johnston, whom I hope will never stop training because I am going to need her for a long time! My amazing supporter, Abel Hernandez, for being there for 2am training sessions, constant meal prepping, the emotional highs and lows,and pushing me further than I knew how to do on my own. Also, my mother Nichola Trail, always available by phone, and always sending me the right pick-me-up when I needed it most. Love all of y’all.