Brian Denny

Dave, a personal trainer at my gym served as my mentor and coach. I was very impressed by his client service, attention to detail, and passion for the sport — thanks for all the help, Dave!

Lesley Smith-Mamula

I remember one of the first few conversations we had about diet and I told you it was impossible for me to do with my work and travels and you stated that you work all day and have a child at home and you can keep up with a diet. I guess that is what pushed me to keep with the diet as hard as I have. There are no excuses. I have learned to travel with work and keep with my diet.

Nikki Johnston

The last 10 months have been one hell of a journey. David tested me, he pushed me and I pushed back , he pissed me off, A LOT, but he lightly held my hand, guided me, and never leg go! I got there, I made it up on that stage. I didn’t just get up there either, I qualified for Nationals, in my first year competing!

Liz Paesani

My body has transformed so much in the past 2 years, hell, in the past 6 months, that my mother almost cried when she last saw me. She was so proud of how far I had come and so happy that I was, once again, happy. And when my brother saw my abs, his mouth dropped and he was speechless – it was the best feeling ever!!