Tyler Grossi – Wedding Weight Loss & Toning

Training with David was one of the best decisions I ever made. 7 weeks later I was in the best shape of my life. I lost 15 pounds and went from a size 8 to a 4. My wedding dress had to be taken in 5 times! The day of my wedding I felt so beautiful. For the first time in my life I was truly happy with how I looked. I can’t stop looking at my wedding pictures!

Joan Montag – Multiple Sclerosis

I found out I had MS about 13 years ago and in addition to that, ended up with rheumatoid arthritis about a year later. My balance was getting pretty bad so I began working with a trainer to help with that. I have worked with other trainers in the past and I will say that David has to be the best I have ever worked with. He made me see that with a little hard work I can turn my body into something amazing.

Laura Gershen – Bridal Weight Loss Transformation

My journey started with Nikki in the summer of ‘08 to help get me in shape for my wedding in October. As long as I follow the diet plan, the cardio plan and the weight training plan I consistently lose weight. I have been able to lift even heavier weights and have learned to push through the hard moments during sets.

Tony O

I started working with David in preparation for my 1st physique competition in July of 2012 and in 12 weeks I lost 20lbs of fat weight, maintained most of my muscles and dropped from 12% body fat to 5% body fat.

Andrea Clifford – Bridal Transformation Weight Loss Toning

Thank You. You pushed me and stuck with me in spite of gumby arms and sincere lack of weight lifting knowledge. Like we talked about last night…there is a real ‘don’t want to let David down’ mentality. I’m not going to lie. It’s true. There’s so much more than just weight lifting that goes into all of this. I’ve finally realized that in order to achieve the unrealistic goals that I have in my head, hard work is the only answer.


When you hire David, not only are you getting the most detail oriented (he’s OCD when it comes to details and record keeping) trainer I know, but the most attentive and knowledgeable as well. And I can all but guarantee the time you train with him you will establish a reality-based relationship that will last much longer than the gym, or your show, or whatever your goals are.


You have shared your wisdom and critique whenever asked, and kept me on track when I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich more than anything. You’ve really helped me to put it all in perspective. David, I’m privileged to have you in my corner.

Sophie Nguyen

Through the 3 months prep, his words of encouragement and motivation help push me thru my struggles of falling off my diet multiple times. He honest and to the point! Whether you want to hear it or not. He’s going to tell you as is.

2014 Competitor Party And Seminar

2014 Competitor Party And Seminar

Come join the TEAM Warrior Within crew to celebrate all of the local competitors who busted their butt to hit the stage this year, PLUS, if looking to get started with physique competition the FREE seminar will give you all the info you need.