TIFFANY HADDOCK – Warrior’s Corner

The hardest part of prepping for a show was being critical of myself. I have made tremendous progress, but I had a tough time allowing myself to use that perspective when I looked in the mirror. I knew that I was not in the same shape or level of conditioning as other competitors and nearly backed out of doing the show. I also did not know how hard I could push myself during the last eight weeks or so and did not want to risk getting sick.


I loved feeling the freedom of unleashing those demons… All that anger, hatred, and rage built up in my soul… I am driven by those demons… I have the distinct feeling they may be with me for life, but somehow, are tamed when I am under the barbell.


Ah, the selfie—the greatest modern way to lie to the world and buttress a false sense of self-esteem. For most, selfies are harmless, simply taking up news feed space. For some of us in the coaching industry, however, the selfie can be a professional hazard.


“I totally understand the need/desire to constantly seek the best within yourself, but doesn’t everyone need a break sometime?” The answer is: sure, when you’re dead—when time has left you in its wake, and continued to move forward without you.

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MICHELLE NOLDER – Warrior’s Corner

The hardest part of prepping for my shows is balance. A lot goes into prepping for a competition and it almost becomes your life, especially in the final weeks. I am always able to get everything done, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with work, household responsibilities, workouts, cardio, meal prep, etc. You get really good at balancing your time and planning ahead.


For the most part, relaxing sucks. It feels like death. Nobody is getting better when they relax. Relaxing is a weigh-station on the path towards winning. But winning is still the end point, the goal towards which we’re driving.


On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Three sessions with a trainer, Two new gym passes, And a reminder of that wretched selfie.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. My thinking is slightly different on that front: when life gives you lemons, turn them into a prime steak with a fine wine; don’t settle for lemonade.

CYLDA HODO – Warrior’s Corner

I have always worked out and remained active, so I set a goal for myself to compete in a bodybuilding competition before I turned 30, and that’s how I got started with competing. When I started prep for my first show, I didn’t know what to expect. It was sort of “ignorance is bliss”.


There on the horizon, behind the curtain,
Lies thunder and lightning, of this I’m certain,
I watch the distance, I watch it dancing,
Delirious fury in lit-skies prancing.