How To Lose Weight – FOR REAL

Weight loss gimmicks, diet fads, starvation, and more. You’ve tried them all and failed every time. The truth is that it’s a pretty simple formula to lose weight. Work out hard and eat right.

Clyda Majkrzak – Leg Day

Cylda is 3 weeks away from the 2014 Shawn Ray in Towson MD & 5 Weeks away from the 2014 IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh PA. Amazing progress in 6 months of training.

Bishop Green – Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Who knew eating 6 meals a day and sweating like a pig would give you the up-most confidence in the end! I remember training legs with David a couple weeks before my first competition (OMG killer) and him saying “Come on Bishop, there is always some one training harder than you”, which is true. I can honestly say David says it how it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything, and I think that is what makes him an awesome trainer. He gives you the tools you need to succeed and bring home a trophy! I won’t be quitting anytime soon


Muscle started building in places I never knew a muscle could exist, and my strength continues to grow. I have never seen the changes in my body that he has been able to produce, despite having been involved with sports and physical training my whole life. I can proudly say that I found the best personal trainer in Maryland.

Victor Martinez – Fit For Autism Event

TEAM Warrior Within put in some community service hours last weekend helping with and participating in a fundraiser / awareness event for Autism. IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Victor Martinez, Jon Delarosa, and Marco Rivera participated in Victor’s Fit For Autism event.

TEAM Warrior Within Photoshoot

Everyone involved in TEAM Warrior Within works hard to achieve the results that you see in these pictures. What most people don’t realize is that many of these people have not looked like this all their lives. Through hard work, dedication, proper guidance, and team work they have achieved some amazing results. Check out our TEAM Testimonials to see for yourself the dramatic changes some of our warriors have made in their bodies and their lives.