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The TEAM Warrior Within’s training staff is the most decorated, passionate, and educated personal trainers in the Baltimore/DC area.  We walk the walk, live the lifestyle, and offer a variety of services from in-person personal training, to online nutrition coaching, contest prep, posing clinics, fat loss, toning, and overall lifestyle reprogramming.  If you are considering personal training in Columbia MD or the Howard County area schedule a free workout with one of the TEAM Warrior Within training staff today, and begin the march to legitimate results.

David Johnston - Personal Trainer - TEAM Warrior Within - Columbia MD


TWW Founder, Lead Personal Trainer, Lead Online Coach

David lives and breathes all things related to physique transformation, and has devoted nearly half of his life to passionately studying and educating himself to be the absolute best at what he does. His intensity in the gym is matched only by the passion he gives to his clients.

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