Emotional Fire 03 – Michael Jordan – Ordinary Vs Extraordinary

David breaks down his thought process behind the writing of “Emotional Fuel-03-Michael Jordon- Ordinary vs Extraordinary”. What is it that makes Michael Jordan one of, if not the, greatest athlete that has ever lived? Is it something he was born with? Or is there something that we can all learn from him that could make us much better at everything we do?

Emotional Fire – 02 – Walter Bagehot and Muhammed Ali

David talks about the 2nd post in the Emotional Fire series. The article was based around the quote from Walter Bagehot – “A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” David has always bucked the system. Even as a little kid he was pushing the rules to make them fit his world.

Every Grain Of Sand Poured To Form Every Brick

My path had some twisting curves and broken pieces. It wasn’t always straight and narrow. Sometimes, it meandered through fields I later deemed “not right for me”. Sometimes, it went into neighborhoods that I wasn’t welcome in. Sometimes, it was overrun with obstacles that needed clearing long before I could get to the next brick in the road.