The real test is in that moment, when you decide to prove what you’re made of. The real test is in that moment, when you decide to learn whether it’s your desire for success, or your fear of failure, that compels you.

Fitspiration Manifesto

The current generation of future leaders wants to “inspire” us, without having put in the work to be inspirational in any sense. Why? Because being “inspiring” is awesome, presumably. Much like being wealthy, or banging hotties.

PRADISH SOMIN – Weight Loss – Muscle Building

Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure – Just a few of the issues that Pradish Somin was going through when he came to TEAM Warrior Within. In this video Pradish talks what it is like working with David & Nikki to improve your life. Congratulations...

The Independent Waltz: Fuck the Team, Embrace the Team

You know you’re not much of a “team player” when they try kicking you out of marching band. For real. This happened. “David, you’re a great musician, and everybody looks up to you. But that’s the problem. They follow your lead. And you’re a bit of a loose cannon”.

The Personal Trainer Dress Code: AKA: Who Goes to a Bald Barber?

Today, at my current gym, we were PACKED (which is very odd for early August), with gobs of muscular individuals occupying every free space. And I glanced out on the floor, and all of my TEAM Warrior Within trainers were busy training their clients and hustling their asses off—IFBB pro Donna McGinn, NPC competitor Joe Bender, NPC competitor and former WBFF pro Dave Shutler, NPC competitor Sabrina Clever, NPC competitor Jim Driskell, IFBB pro Stacy Wig, my wife and NPC competitor Nikki Johnston, and myself, NPC superheavy David “Is a Motherfucker” Johnston. All of us were swamped with clients.