AGE: 21



I found out about TEAM Warrior Within after going to the NPC Virginia Max Muscle competition that my husband was competing in.  I recognized one of the bikini competitors from mutual friends on Facebook and wondered who her coach was, simply because she looked phenomenal.  Once I found my answer, I went onto TWW’s website and inquired.  Tammy ended up being my trainer!

Tammy is an amazing trainer.  She is not only tough and direct with what to eat and how to train, she is compassionate and so encouraging.  I’ve had my share of down days and no matter what I was feeling she always knew the right thing to say to get me back up on my feet and motivated to start a new day.

The hardest part for me so far has been not seeing physical results after a really good workout.  Tammy reassured me that patience is key with training and eating well.  Results will come with time and consistency, and each day your body is changing even if you do not notice.

The mental image of what I see myself looking and feeling like is the motivation that gets me up and going.

For those looking to get started with a healthier lifestyle, I’d tell them to first set goals, and once you set them, take the necessary steps to accomplish those goals.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help or get an accountability partner.  For me having Tammy to keep me accountable is exactly what I need to stay on tract, otherwise I will make excuses for not doing my very best.

Through this process, I’ve learned how mentally strong I am and that it is a choice every day to succeed and become better.  I ultimately am the one who has to put in the work in order to succeed and see the results I want.

I would love to thank my trainer Tammy first off, she has made herself available to me at all hours of the day whenever I have needed her, whether it was questions about training and meals or whether I was down and frustrated with everything.   She knows exactly the right thing to say and gives me such perfect advice as if I were a part of her own family.  I also would like to thank my husband, Dallas, who is a men’s physique competitor.  He knows better than I do all the time and dedication it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.  He is so encouraging and helps me to start each day pushing myself to be the best me I can be.

Moving forward, I plan to continue training with Tammy, and to eventually compete as a bikini competitor.  I wouldn’t be where I am in my journey without my husband, Tammy and TEAM Warrior Within.


Tammy Christman Online Prep CoachingThis warrior was trained & coached by Tammy Christman   Tammy’s background in psychology and education, combined with her extensive experience working with clients, and her own physique competition history, give her the skills and knowledge needed to get you to your goal.

She trains clients one-on-one in the Northern Virginia area (Loudoun County, Virginia) and via online coaching for everyone else.

She works with a wide variety of clients. From those who just want to lose a few pounds to competitors preparing for competition.