KRIS SHANNAHAN – Warrior’s Corner

This year I was diagnosed with Lymphoma for the second time. My body has gone through quite a bit of trauma and my metabolism had reached an all-time low. I had it in my head that if I could make it through training and dieting and actually win my show, that was my way of saying I could do anything, which is my way of saying “Fuck you” to cancer!

MEGAN TRIONFO – Warrior’s Corner

Hands down the hardest part of prepping for my show was not cheating on my diet. You don’t realize how food is such a social thing until you can’t go out and enjoy it with your friends and family. I remember eating chicken and rice and green beans on my birthday when all I wanted was a huge stack of pancakes and a box of donuts

GARY KEATTS – Warrior’s Corner

For somebody looking to get started with bodybuilding competition, I would ask them how serious they are, and make sure it’s what they really want. You can give advice all you want, but if they don’t have the desire, your words mean nothing.

IFBB Pro NICOLE GRAY – Warrior’s Corner

When there were moments of misery, doubt and “fuck this shit”, my fear of letting down those who believed in me is something that always pushed me through. I could never get on stage and think that I didn’t do all I could to be the best. I’m a perfectionist, at times to a fault; however, that’s exactly what pushes me forward when things get difficult. I refuse to quit and I refuse to fail.


I always loved the movie “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”. When discussing possible orientations towards life, Donna asks Laura Palmer, “If you were falling in space, do you think you would slow down after a while or go faster and faster?” To which Laura responds, “Faster and faster. And for a long time you wouldn’t feel anything. And then you’d burst into flame.”


Pork isn’t often suggested as part of a bodybuilding diet, but pork tenderloin is often very lean with little fat to trim. This recipe isn’t one we’d suggest when preparing for a competition, but in the offseason it is a nice change of flavors and is very easy to make.

MARTIN BENINSKY – Warrior’s Corner

My advice to those looking to get started with contest prep is to just try to focus on the results and the end game of it all. If you get caught up in how hungry you are, or how tired you are, you lose focus on what you are really doing it for. Just keep a level head, and reap the rewards after all the hard work is done.


Step on the accelerator, bury the needle and push it through the floor. See what happens. See the blur of lines, colors morphing into streaks that flash before your eyes, the warp speed and hyperdrive of cinema, turning the environment into a blur of beautiful lights streaking before us, pulling us into the future.


One plate, now two, then three. And it returns, that devil stabbing your belly, begging to be released and unleashed. The hacking cough escapes my lips in an attempt to fight, but the seal has been broken, there’s no hope today. Gotta’ let it fly.


I want hard right angles and pointy parts, fenders that abruptly terminate into grills, with panels butted up against one another. I want a vehicle that rumbles down the road looking like an uncaged animal waiting to strike at prey. An engine that idles so slowly—the knock-knock-knock-knock, as the entire cars shakes from side to side—that it lets the driver know every second exactly how dangerous it is.