JOHN YOUNG – Warrior’s Corner

There will be times when you want to stop, but hold strong and reach out to your coach if you can. Even the pros go through tough times, so don’t freak out because you do. Just don’t let your immediate wants take over the gains and steps you have taken to prep for a competition.

Warrior’s Friend – by David Johnston

…and then we met, my friend, my lover, my wife, my daughter—those with whom I choose to populate my existence. Not my Facebook friends, and not those I “like” with the meaningless click of a button. No, I’m talking the real thing, with real passion, burning sensation and desire that trickles through veins and compels one’s best.

THE TERRIBLE TOWEL – by David Johnston

All the years I worked at Lifetime Fitness—the yuppie health club to end all yuppie health clubs—the only members who would get pissy when we were out of fresh towels, were the geriatrics who came in and had zero intention of working hard enough to actually break a sweat.

IT’S GO TIME – by Adam McVey

So here I sit at 37 years old, finally doing what most guys do when they’re 25. I’m not going to be that insecure guy I used to be. I’m going to be me, proud of the work I’ve done, proud of the life I’ve built. And I’m gonna’ be proud to be backstage and hopefully posing down with my best friend.


I am tired, but I look at the clock, and I count the minutes—not in misery, not in suffering, but in honor of a small goal accomplished. One minute down, only fifty-nine left; two minutes down, a mere fifty-eight left. The minutes pass one at a time. Nothing can speed them up. So my stride remains steady and true.


Alysia Cronise – IFBB Figure Pro- “I am no longer the scared little girl in the weight room curling 10lbs dumbbells. I now have the confidence to reach for the 50s for my warm-up, and have the confidence to lift to failure knowing that failure is not the end but just the beginning of muscle growth and performance gains. “

25lbs Plates

Some people simply wait for answers to fall from the sky and land on top of them. They don’t realize, nobody is going to give them that divine inspiration or leadership; there is no mystic force that is going to help them shuffle their feet from their current station towards their goal. Life doesn’t come with a handbook or a blueprint.


Maybe not everybody has to be a consistent leg press farter or leg press clencher. Maybe some people straddle the line, dip one toe into one pond one week and the other the next. Maybe some people have uncommitted flatulence tendencies. What I’m really driving at: some people in this world are willing to go for it, whatever it takes. And others, well, they just bottle it up (so to speak) for fear of judgment and repercussion.


By the end of the first week, I was a physical wreck, having a difficult time placing one foot in front of the other, tying my shoes, getting dressed, walking up and down stairs. I thought of the countless clients I have nearly crippled with extreme leg workouts, pushing their bodies to the brink before bringing them back. I felt momentary empathy.

FEEL THE PAIN – Bodybuilding Motivational Video

Walking around the gym, watching all the team members train, you realize that there is no BS going on here. There is some SERIOUS work going on. EVERYONE is busting their ass to be the best that they can possibly be. If your body is not feeling the workout when you walk out the door, you did something wrong.


SWEET MESQUITE BBQ CHICKEN Ingredients (use enough seasoning to coat chicken, it will vary based on amount of chicken): Desired amount of chicken sliced thin (we used about 1.5lbs) Calorie free honey BBQ sauce (we used Hollow Grove Farms) Low / No calorie Mesquite...