Take Me To Church

For those among you who compete, we all do it for different reasons. A personal challenge for some, or proving to the world that you can accomplish a Herculean task. A display of discipline and drive, focus and commitment.


I’ve been getting nervous lately. A little afraid. Which is odd– fear is not an emotion I entertain often. I know the pain, suffering, misery, and grueling days that lie ahead.


When you hire David, not only are you getting the most detail oriented (he’s OCD when it comes to details and record keeping) trainer I know, but the most attentive and knowledgeable as well. And I can all but guarantee the time you train with him you will establish a reality-based relationship that will last much longer than the gym, or your show, or whatever your goals are.

Tom Kane

I ripped both of my triceps tendons off at the elbows. My doctors and surgeon had never heard of anyone having this injury to both arms at the same time and made it clear that my lifting days were over.

Brian Denny

Dave, a personal trainer at my gym served as my mentor and coach. I was very impressed by his client service, attention to detail, and passion for the sport — thanks for all the help, Dave!

Lesley Smith-Mamula

I remember one of the first few conversations we had about diet and I told you it was impossible for me to do with my work and travels and you stated that you work all day and have a child at home and you can keep up with a diet. I guess that is what pushed me to keep with the diet as hard as I have. There are no excuses. I have learned to travel with work and keep with my diet.