STEVE JAY – Warrior’s Corner

For somebody looking to get started with working out and dieting, I would tell them to push through it, and be prepared to feel great in three months! I have found that I am able to accomplish goals no matter how tough it gets.

Eight Years – By Nikki Johnston

Eight years of hell. Eight years of failed diets. Eight years of fighting with David Johnston, Adam McVey, and now Matt Porter, about said failed diets. Eight years of 90-minute cardio sessions. Eight years of seeing 200lbs on the scale over and over again. Eight years of beating my body down to pure exhaustion. Eight years of failure! Why the f*ck would I ever take part in anything like that? Why would I subject my mind, body and soul to such torture?

Emotional Fire – 02 – Walter Bagehot and Muhammed Ali

David talks about the 2nd post in the Emotional Fire series. The article was based around the quote from Walter Bagehot – “A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” David has always bucked the system. Even as a little kid he was pushing the rules to make them fit his world.