Eight Years - Nikki Johnston

Eight years of hell. Eight years of failed diets. Eight years of fighting with David Johnston, Adam McVey, and now Matt Porter, about said failed diets. Eight years of fighting with my husband because I was too stubborn to admit I needed to take a break, or not wolf down a meal that could feed a family of four. Eight years of 90-minute cardio sessions. Eight years of seeing 200lbs on the scale over and over again. Eight years of wearing sizes 0-16, but mostly 12 and higher. Eight years of beating my body down to pure exhaustion. Eight years of trying to wing it, while being a stubborn prick, because I’m a Gemini and that’s what we do. Eight years to get back what volleyball once gave me, only to finally realize I could never get it back. Eight years of failure!

I am sure you’re wondering why the f*ck would I ever take part in anything like that? Why would I subject my mind, body and soul to such torture?

Why? Because it has made me an awesome person, wife and mother. Because it has gotten me one step closer to achieving the body of the Warrior Goddess I set out to build eight years ago. Because it has allowed me to meet some really amazing people in the bodybuilding industry. Because it has made me a better coach. Because it has made me a better competitor.

And I love every single f*cking moment of it! Every fall and every wrong turn has forced me to grow, learn, change directions and push boundaries.

I’m not going to lie, I want my cake and I sure as hell want to eat it, too. I don’t like to be hungry, I don’t like to eat cold food, I don’t like to be tired, and I don’t like to be uncomfortable. There are very few unique individuals that truly do like all of those things. Not me. But I will tell you this, I do what I have to do, kicking and screaming, to achieve the image in my head of what I want to be. Each year I get closer and closer to that image. It’s a beautiful thing. To go from being a glasses-wearing, braces-having, short-afroed, light-skinned, wide-backed, self-conscious, scrawny-but-always-smiling-you girl and teenager, to a relatively outspoken she-hulk looking badass mother and wife, and upcoming trainer and coach.

Now, when I look in the mirror I see something beautiful that I have created. That fierce volleyball player who could jump out of the sky and hit the ball with such power and intensity the ground would shake, is now reborn a Warrior.

Man, I’ve come a long way and I’m not done yet. There will be many more pictures to add to this progression video when it’s all said and done.

My journey for greatness continues—with my Warrior Husband and Warrior Raven by my side.

-Nikki Johnston


Nikki Johnston - personal trainer columbia marylandAs a Columbia MD Personal Trainer I have worked with clients from every walk of life and each success was predicated on those three important factors. I am a loyal and understanding coach who is dedicated to achieving the goals and aspirations of each individual I work with, from controlling blood sugar levels, to losing 20 pounds for a wedding, to competition prep. Whatever the goal may be, each program is specifically designed and coordinated to achieve results as quickly and as safely as possible.