NAME: Steve Jay

AGE: 39

BEGINNING WEIGHT: 80kg (176lbs)

CURRENT WEIGHT: 72.5kg (160lbs)

I originally started working with TEAM Warrior Within when I Googled bodybuilding coaches and stumbled upon Spencer Posey. Working with Spencer is great, and I couldn’t ask any more from him. If I have a question, he is there for me within the same day, taking into consideration the five hour difference between the States and Ireland. There is nothing that he doesn’t know—and believe me, I ask a lot of questions!

The hardest part of all of this so far has been working ten to twelve hour days and fitting everything in. But I love doing the training and the dieting. It’s easy to stay motivated, knowing I have to answer to my coach at the end of every week and show him that I’ve actually been doing what he asks of me.

For somebody looking to get started with lifestyle change and trying to get healthier, I would tell them to push through it, and be prepared to feel great in three months! I have found that I am able to accomplish goals no matter how tough it gets.

I’d like to thank my coach Spencer Posey, as well as TEAM Warrior Within for having a great service for people like me with busy lifestyles. Moving forward, I play to stay fit, lean and healthy, and add size while continuing to improve and learn!


Spener Posey Online Fitness Coaching headshotThis client was coached by Spencer Posey.  While Soencer was in the army. he was in charge of the company PT (physical training) which included coming up with interesting yet productive training for 50 soldiers, 5 days a week that changed bi-weekly. He has a passion and fire for bodybuilding, training, and changing peoples lives and physiques.

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