I’d be lying to you if I said I never looked in the mirror and asked myself why do you continue to do this? Then the competitive side came out. In every one there’s a part of us that desires accomplishment and feeds for excellence. We as people want and need discipline. To me the mental aspect of it all was the hardest.

FEEL THE PAIN – Bodybuilding Motivational Video

Walking around the gym, watching all the team members train, you realize that there is no BS going on here. There is some SERIOUS work going on. EVERYONE is busting their ass to be the best that they can possibly be. If your body is not feeling the workout when you walk out the door, you did something wrong.

Naomi Miller – Warriors Corner

The most difficult part of prepping for a show is when I am feeling mentally low, or just flat-out hungry, which leaves me with little energy. You have to dig deep to keep moving forward. And it gets really hard to not cheat on the diet.

TEAM Warrior Within Photoshoot

Everyone involved in TEAM Warrior Within works hard to achieve the results that you see in these pictures. What most people don’t realize is that many of these people have not looked like this all their lives. Through hard work, dedication, proper guidance, and team work they have achieved some amazing results. Check out our TEAM Testimonials to see for yourself the dramatic changes some of our warriors have made in their bodies and their lives.