In our first of many ‘Warrior’s Corner’ profiles we learn about Naomi Miller.    As you read this, keep in mind that this is the 4 year progression of a woman with 2 kids, a full-time job as a physical therapist, who started at age 44, and the last pics are at age 48.  What’s your excuse???

NAME: Naomi Miller

AGE: 48



DIVISION: women’s bodybuilding and women’s physique


  • 2011 NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic: 2nd, women’s bodybuilding
  • 2012 NPC Shawn Ray Classic: 4th, women’s bodybuilding
  • 2013 OCB Charm City Classic: 3rd, women’s open bodybuilding and 1st place women’s master’s bodybuilding (IFPA Pro Card earned)
  • 2013 NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic: 2nd, women’s bodybuilding
  • 2015 NPC Capitol Grand Prix: 1st, women’s bodybuilding; 1st, women’s physique

My sister exposed me to the bodybuilding world for the first time in the mid-1990s, when she was training with male and female competitors.  In 1998, my training partner and I decided to enter three shows, and I did progressively better at each show.  After that, I stopped competing in order to focus on family, but never lost my love for weight training and bodybuilding.  In 2011, I decided I would take a chance and compete again, and have been training and competing regularly ever since.

I was referred to David Johnston through my daughter’s cheer leading coach, who was his training partner at the time.  I watched him prep for his show, and was thoroughly impressed with his conditioning.  I set up a consultation with David regarding prepping for a show, and saw how thorough and honest he was in terms of what it would take to be successful.  I have been training with him ever since.

David trains his clients like he would train himself.  I work with him once a week, and he targets the workouts to improve my symmetry and bring up my weak points.  I love the honesty he brings when giving feedback, allowing me to really understand what I need in order to improve.  The weekly check-ins with pictures keep me accountable, and allow David to make the necessary adjustments to my diet and overall plan.

The most difficult part of prepping for a show is when I am feeling mentally low, or just flat-out hungry, which leaves me with little energy.  You have to dig deep to keep moving forward.  And it gets really hard to not cheat on the diet.

During difficult times, I keep motivated by training with David and talking with the other TEAM Warrior Within competitors.  I get a boost walking into Colosseum Gym and being surrounded by others with the same goals.  All of the TWW competitors are supportive and sympathetic.

For those looking to get involved with competing, I would suggest talking to other competitors to get a feel for proper training and prep, and what is involved with the entire process.  Go to a show and get a feel for the different divisions and which might be the right one for you.  Once you decide on the right fit, go for it and give it 100%.

During this last prep, I didn’t learn anything new about myself per se, but it reinforced that I love to lift heavy and hard, I love getting lean, and I wish I could stay contest-ready all of the time!  And I need structure with my diet at all times, probably for the rest of my life.  (Ready for that, David?)

I would like to thank David and Nikki Johnston for training, advice, and prep for the show.  I also want to thank all of the TWW athletes and clients for their wonderful words of support.  I will use every bit of that support as I set my sights on prepping for NPC Masters Nationals in July 2016.

David Johnston and TEAM Warrior Within bring a huge value to the bodybuilding community.  He provides educational opportunities, as well as networking opportunities, to all of the team members.  He opens it up to anyone interested in competing, including free posing clinics every Sunday.

David and Nikki have also been phenomenal in assisting me compete.  From the very first show, Nikki has helped me with my makeup, tanning, introducing me to other competitors, posing, and being supportive backstage.  By training so many Maryland residents, they end up supporting many of the local shows, allowing bodybuilding to not only stay alive, but thrive in the Mid-Atlantic region.

-Naomi Miller


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