Nikki is my coach. I spoke with her after I attended my first posing clinic and I was immediately hooked. Her demeanor, love for lifting and competing, and passion for her clients was surreal. Nikki is more than just my coach, she is family.


The thoughts below stem from reflecting on an exchange with a client… Just some things to think about when you are working towards a goal, fitness oriented or otherwise, and it comes time to buckle down and grind. Anyone that has ever competed in a bodybuilding...

Heather Ingalls – Warrior’s Corner

I would like to thank my amazing coach Nikki Johnston, whom I hope will never stop training because I am going to need her for a long time! My amazing supporter, Abel Hernandez, for being there for 2am training sessions, constant meal prepping, the emotional highs and lows,and pushing me further than I knew how to do on my own. Also, my mother Nichola Trail, always available by phone, and always sending me the right pick-me-up when I needed it most. Love all of y’all.

Take Me To Church

For those among you who compete, we all do it for different reasons. A personal challenge for some, or proving to the world that you can accomplish a Herculean task. A display of discipline and drive, focus and commitment.