NAME: Caroline Osborne

AGE: 46



I started working with Cesar Barretto when a friend game me his contact info. I have to say that Cesar is the BEST.  He keeps me accountable with weekly check-ins and meal updates, pushes me to try harder and try news exercises that I never thought that I could perform.

So far, the hardest part of my journey has been finding healthy alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth and finding alternative exercises due to problems with my knees.

During those times when I need extra motivation, I just take a look at my old photos.  It still amazes me how far I have come.  I am determined never to go back to that unhealthy lifestyle.

My advice to somebody looking to get started with healthy lifestyle change would be to not let physical limitations stop you from getting the body that you are proud of.  I have had three knee surgeries and multiple steroid injections.  It took my doctor telling me that my options were to lose weight or have both my knees replaced.  At the moment, I was determined to do whatever it took to get myself as healthy as possible.  I want to be around as long as possible, to see my sons become men and start families of their own.

The one thing that I have learned about myself during this entire process is that I am a lot stronger (mentally and physically) than I ever thought I was.

I would like to thank my sons for pushing me and keeping me in check, my best friend and training partner Kelly Propst, my trainer Cesar, and finally, my boyfriend Abe for his continued love and support.

My plan for the future is to see how close I can get to getting competition ready.  I would like to compete in a show, at least once.

Caroline Osborne personal training Cesar Baretto


Cesar Barretto - Personal Trainer Columiba MDThis WARRIOR was trained by Cesar Barretto.  Cesar creates each client’s training program with their personal goals in mind. He teaches them the proper technique to ensure long term results. Being a bodybuilding competitor himself he can create custom diet plans and workouts geared towards those that compete or are planning on competing, as well as those who just want to get in shape for health reasons. Whatever your goals are, Cesar can get you there.