Wes Johnston - Weight Loss Muscle BuildingAccomplishments:
• lost 132lbs in 7 months
• reduced waistline by over 19 inches
• greatly improved cardiovascular health
• learned to stick to a balanced diet

Being overweight is a problem I’ve had nearly all my life. I didn’t give it much thought when I was younger, but by the time I was 20, I weighed 345lbs at 6’5”. I realized that, unattended, my weight was getting to be a more serious problem with every passing year.

I knew I had to do something about it, so I decided I was going to try to get into shape. Fortunately, my brother had begun bodybuilding about a year prior to this. Growing up, he had a lot of the same problems as me with weight. Within about one year’s time, he had managed to change his body significantly. This inspired me even more to try and do the same for myself, and I knew that I could benefit from his experience.

He understood that my goals were different from his. He was becoming an all-out bodybuilder whereas I just wanted to lose fat for the most part. Still, he was able to offer plenty of valuable advice regarding my specific goal. He taught me all about nutrition and exercise, put me on a weight-loss plan, and helped keep track of my progress. He took my measurements once every month, and was always very encouraging.

With some help from my brother, and a little will power, I was able to take off 135lbs within less than a year. It has now been seven months since I ended my strict diet, and I have managed to keep nearly all of the weight off. I am very grateful to have benefited from his knowledge and guidance.


Wesley Johnston