I moved to Maryland in January 2012.  I began searching for a posing coach so I would be prepared for my first pro bodybuilding competition in September.  I called David after finding his name on a website for trainers and coaches.  I read his information about contest prep and knew he would be exactly what I needed.  


I spoke to David and he invited me to his posing clinics on Sunday mornings.  It was great posing with other bodybuilders and watching our bodies transform each week.  David had great suggestions on how to improve my posing and also how to change up my cardio.  I had trainers in Indiana writing my diet, but when it came to the last week from my first show in August, I had lost confidence in my first diet.  David tweaked it and I won the Women’s Open Overall Title at the Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic.  David and my team cheered me on all day and watched me take home the title.  

Tracy Nash 001

I had three weeks in between my two shows and David took over the rest of my prep and I came in leaner than I have ever been.  My first pro show I took 6th place in a very competitive class of eight bodybuilders.  I was very proud and made the decision to train with David in 2013 and have him prep me for my 2nd pro show in October 2013.  I totally trust him and plan on looking even better this year.

Tracy Nash