• increased overall muscle tone
• lowered body fat 4%
• lost a dress size in under a month
• committed to working out consistently

Dear Dave,

I wanted to thank you for training me. Even though most of the time I’d be complaining about how heavy the weight is or how tired I am. I look back and I had a lot of fun. You not only kicked my ass but you made me realize how hard I can push myself. I learned many new ideas of how and what to do on my own workout. You also helped me with what I should eat. I noticed results of you training me after a month. I started to notice muscles I never knew I had. I’m very happy I trained with you but I’m also sad because you can no longer be my trainer due to your move to Maryland. You are not only a good trainer but you also are a very funny person. I wouldn’t have been able to finish our workout without your sarcastic remarks. I wanted to thank you again. I wish you the best of luck!


Tracey Colleen

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