Tony Choi

• gained 11lbs of lean mass in 16 weeks
• decreased body fat from 8.9% to 8.2% while gaining muscle mass
• increased strength by 50%

Dear Prospective Client:

I have been a member at Lifetime Fitness for just over 4 years now. Over these 4 years, I would work out routinely for a month or two and then stop going for a few months., I could never get a solid routine in place. As well as not having a regular routine, my work schedule was all over the place too. This led me to miss important meals or not having them at all. In general, I was not seeing any progress or growth throughout this time period.

It wasn’t until I was told about David from one of my customers that this changed. She had been seeing David for some time now and really enjoyed his training and his style. She really wanted me to meet him, because she thought he could really help me. When I first met with David, he asked me what it was that I wanted to accomplish. I told him my story about not seeing any progress throughout the years and what I wanted to achieve.

After training with David for a month, I really noticed a change in myself. I was more in a routine of working out and eating more regularly. David showed me positive results within this first month that I hadn’t seen over the last 4 years I had been working out on and off by myself.

I only trained with David for 4 months, but over this time he has shared a lot of his knowledge with me. He took time out to suggest and write up a diet that would help me reach my goals. He also would write up “solo workouts” that I would do on my own on days that I didn’t meet with him. Throughout this time, I have really learned a lot from him. With all this, I now have a good foundation to build off of to further obtain my goals.

Thanks David!!!

Tony Choi

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