• dropped 15lbs over 3 months
• lost several dress sizes
• improved muscle tone and strength
• learned to weight train independently

Hi Dave-

Just wanted to thank you again for everything. I know it’s your job but I still do appreciate you teaching me everything. Before I used to be intimidated to go over to the free weights because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I feel confident that I can strength train on my own properly. Plus you helped me realize that women can lift heavy weights too.

It still amazes me that I really had such a good time. It was tough but I liked coming in to train. I wish I could afford to train longer. I got what I wanted out of the training and it’s time for me to practice what I have learned.

I plan to stay on track and increase my cardio so I can look good for summer and bathing suit season. I will check in with you and let you know how I am doing. Since it’s Dave’s T-Shirt day on Monday I will have to wear my shirt 😉

I will see you around the gym!

Therese McGarry

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