• 2015 NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic Championship, grand master’s bikini

After changing my diet for health reasons, becoming more interested in exercise and having the desire to compete in something, I decided to participate in a bodybuilding competition at the age of 50. I found TEAM Warrior Within by searching for bodybuilding trainers, and Jim Driskell ended up doing my prep for the show.

Working with Jim has been a great experience for me.  I would never push myself as hard as he pushes me.  Knowing I am accountable to Jim keeps me going to the gym each week.

The hardest part about prepping for a show is keeping the rest of your life (family, friends, work) moving forward. During challenging times, I focused on my goal for motivation.  When decisions came up, I would ask myself, “Is this decision moving me toward my goal or away from my goal?”

My advice for a future competitor would be to set a goal, focus on the goal, and don’t let others distract you from your goal.

During my prep, I learned that I could make it through the difficult days.  I focused on my goal of not only competing but showing my kids that I could set a long term-goal and accomplish it. I’d like to first thank Jim for helping me accomplish my first bodybuilding show.  What I have achieved so far has exceeded my expectations.

I’d like to thank Nikki Johnston, Stacy Wig and Angelica Driskell for the posing help and show preparation.  I’d like to thank all of the TWW trainers for giving their time every Sunday morning and helping competitors prepare for a show.  And finally, I’d like to thank my family, friends and co-workers for their support. Moving forward, I plan on working with Jim Driskell to prepare for another show in 2016.  I am also training to run a 5K and a 10K in 2016

Jim Driskell Personal Trainer Columbia MD