Tami Betler

• body fat dropped from 21.9% to 15.7%
• increased strength by 160%
• improved look and feel to lower body development

Lifetime Fitness
David Johnston

April 19, 2006

Dear David,

I want to start by saying “Thank you”! It has been a pleasure to work with someone who has been as motivational as you have been for me!

My husband and I joined Lifetime Fitness in December 2005. I was very interested in getting back into shape, knowing that I feel better when my body feels better. It was by accident that you did my evaluation/fitness test when I originally signed up at Lifetime. At that point I could tell that you had a lot of knowledge in not only weight training but the whole aspect of fitness. I could tell that you were not just another trainer.

When I originally signed up with you for personal training on February 1st, 2006 I felt I had a pretty good understanding and background of what I needed to do and the goals I wanted to obtain. However you have definitely taken me to the next level and improved on things I thought I already knew!

I have worked with other trainers in the past and it is always key to find a trainer that knows what they are doing and exactly now to get results. It is apparent that you have a very good understanding of how to help someone ultimately achieve their goals. Thanks to you I have definitely seen my body go thru a change in which I know would not have happened so quickly without your help and motivation! I look forward to setting future fitness goals with you!

Thank you,

Tami Betler
Naperville, IL

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