• body fat dropped from 39.2% to 27.4%
• lost 50lbs in 6 months
• dropped several dress sizes
• completely reshaped physique and self-image

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. Over the years I’ve tried practically every diet out there. I’d lose weight, only to gain even more back. I finally decided to do something about it, so I joined a gym. However, I’d always hated exercising. I would join a gym, only to quit going after awhile. I never put much effort into working out; I did the minimum and never tried anything new. Because of this, I decided to get a trainer.

Signing up for a personal trainer was the best decision I could have made, and I was very fortunate to work with David. I was very impressed by his knowledge and his own personal dedication to fitness. His constant support and encouragement helped me so much towards accomplishing my goals of losing weight and getting in shape.

In working with David, I found that I was able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could. He pushed me to work hard and do things I’d never do on my own. It was quite a challenge, but once I started seeing results, it motivated me to work even harder. Every day was something new, so I never got bored. Now I actually enjoy going to the gym and I feel great after my workouts.

I feel I have come a long way from when I first started working with David. I noticed a big change in my ability and endurance since then. Also, I have noticed that my clothes fit better, I feel stronger, I have more energy and I just feel better about myself. Other people have also noticed a difference in me, which has been great.

In regards to my diet, I am more conscious about my decisions now. I was encouraged to keep a journal and write down everything I eat. David gave me suggestions on what to eat. He taught me that while I need to make smart choices about what I eat, it is ok to cheat occasionally– I can’t dwell on that and I need to move on and make better choices next time. Also, I have started to drink more water, which is something I have never really done.

I am very pleased with the progress I made during the time I worked with David, and I know I would not have seen those results and changes without his help. I lost a total of 50lbs, which was a major accomplishment for me. I am impressed by his knowledge and commitment. He cared about me and wanted me to do well. I really enjoyed working with him and I appreciate all he has done for me.

Suzanne B

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