I have been training with David for about 8 months.  I am very excited and happy with the changes I have seen in my body.  I am 50 years old and needed to firm up all areas of my body.  I also wanted to lose some weight and inches, particularly from my legs and waist.  I have lost 10 pounds and am now at 115 pounds, which I am happy with.  I am wearing pants one size smaller and my legs have an actual shape now!  My upper body has become much more firm and my arms have muscles, which I absolutely love!  Most important to me is that I am feeling more confident about my body, in and out of clothing.  I haven’t felt this way in 20 years!  I am extremely grateful to David and continue to train with him because he listens to what I want my body to look like and works with me to meet my goals.  He is serious about training and wants me to be the same.  David can be tough at times, but I need that, and most importantly, I get the results I really want.
Thanks so much David!

Sue Gnacyk