• body fat dropped from 15.3% to 6.7% while greatly increasing muscle mass
• completely reshaped physique and self-image
• increased strength 150%
• greatly improved golf game and received golf scholarship

Dear Prospective Client,

I’ve been training for about six months and I am extremely happy with how it’s going and the results I’ve seen. I’ve gone from about 15% body fat at 245lbs to 6.7% body fat at 225lbs. THAT’S AMAZING! I’m so much more confident and happy with myself as a result of this. Now when I go to a pool I’m not nervous at all to take off my shirt. Just walking around school, people notice me and see that I’ve changed my body completely. I have so much more energy and I’m better in everything I do. I’m on Naperville North’s varsity golf team and at the beginning of my training I had some worries about losing flexibility and worsening my game. It turns out it’s the opposite. My swing is so much more stable and a ton stronger now. Not only is the training really effective, it’s FUN. I don’t think of if as a training session with a personal trainer, I think of it as working out with a good friend of mine. Dave’s knowledge of training, power lifting, nutrition, and supplementation is astounding. I’ve learned so much from him. If you want to change your appearance and have a great time doing it, train with Dave.

Steve Kois
April 23, 2006

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