• dropped 14lbs in 3 months
• dropped 3 pants sizes in 3 months
• stopped trying to succeed via “fad” diets, and made healthy eating and exercise a way of life
• successfully learned to weight train on her own

Listen to David because he knows what he is talking about! Since I started working out with David in June 2007, I have lost 14 pounds and 3 pant sizes. David gave me the knowledge to continue his program even after I stopped actually training with him. His program is no-nonsense and easy to maintain, as long as you have the discipline to do it. My clothes fit better and I have tons more energy.

Forget the points, the fads, the books and anything else that is the current trend because who really has time for that anyway. If you want sustainable weight loss, face up to the fact that the old fashioned way of doing it with the proper diet and proper exercise/weight training is the only way to go. I watch my co-workers count points and want to pull my hair out! I also watch them hit plateaus and get depressed when they aren’t exercising or weight training to complement the diet. I see them eat rabbit food and cut out fruit and protein because protein and fruit are too many points! I get to eat 5 times a day and am not hungry!

Again, I can’t stress enough that David’s program works!

Stacey Martinez
October 2007

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