Sophie-Nguyen-after-107lbsI wanted to thank my coach David Johnston for getting my physique stage ready for 2013.  The best I looked in 3 years!

I stated that i had diet\eating issues when i first spoke to him. Through the 3 months prep, his words of encouragement and motivation help push me thru my struggles of falling off my diet multiple times.   It wasn’t easy, trust me! (i am an eater, love food of all kinds. I out eat my family, that says a lot because I’m the smallest of them all.)  He honest and to the point!  Whether you want to hear it or not.  He’s going to tell you as is.

I have been competing for 2 1/2 years before i sign up for on line coaching with David.  I have always come in soft and not tight and well conditioned enough in my previous shows.  But with his help, I did it. I am very happy with my results!  3 months of on line coaching, i dropped 16 lbs of body fat.

I am happy to say, i will continue to have David Johnston coach\prep me for my up coming 2014 shows!  Bringing a stronger, tighter physique to the stage!  I am very excited!

~Sophie Nguyen