NAME: Roy Evans

Age: 30



DIVISION: Men’s bodybuilding (light heavyweight)


  • UNBA Samson & Delilah Muscle Classic (I competed twice in this show in my teens, and have no record of the years and placings except for my trophies, which are back in California)
  • 2001 NPC California Collegiate Bodybuilding & Fitness (not sure on placings)
  • 2014 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Championship: 7th place, light heavyweight
  • 2014 NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic: 2nd place, light heavyweight
  • 2015 NPC Universe Championship: 1st place, light heavyweight

Bodybuilding is my first true passion. During my adolescence, I was always enamored with the gym and physical fitness. I was always a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray and Ronnie Coleman. Watching them walk around like gods among men motivated me to pursue bodybuilding and ultimately compete.

Due to my age, I wasn’t allowed to lift weights, so the majority of my exercises were bodyweight calisthenics. When my parents weren’t around, I would sneak off and use a dumbbell set they had purchased. At the age of 13, I was finally cleared by my doctor to begin weight training, and I have never left the gym since. I competed in my first bodybuilding show at the age of 14, and I was hooked.

I found out about TEAM Warrior Within when I returned from my deployment in Afghanistan. I was looking for a place to train, and started going to the Colosseum Gym because I heard it catered to bodybuilders. From there, I teamed up with Dave Shutler, and later David Johnston, and the rest is history.

Working with David Johnston was an awesome experience. He definitely knows his craft. When you work with him, you know you’re getting someone that can take you to the next level.

The hardest part of contest prep is ignoring outside influences. During the course of competition prep, there are always things in life that will bring negative energy into the process. The struggle that occurs during prep is compartmentalizing those influences and moving forward in the process.

When things would get tough, my motivation would always be more intrinsic. I visualize my end goal and block out all negativity that works in opposition to my goal. When times get difficult, I re-visualize the goal and repeat that process until the goal is achieved.

I would tell somebody looking to get stared with competing that it’s important to know your reasons for doing so, and when you start the process, don’t quit. The preparation for competition will suck, but that is all a part of the journey. Embrace it and keep pushing forward. I personally feel the most alive when I push my body to extremes.

I would like to thank my fiancé, Anastasia, and the rest of my family and friends who put up with my crap during the prep process.

Moving forward, y plan is to return to the national stage and battle for an IFBB pro card. I am also working on establishing myself as one of the best life coaches in the region through my Royrelentless initivative.

-Roy Evans


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