• has gained 20lbs of bodyweight while reducing body fat over last 4 months!
• increased chest, arm, back and thigh mass
• is now successfully implementing routine in solo fashion, and continues to reap rewards

To Whom It May Concern:

Before starting to train with David, my wife and I had been members of Lifetime Fitness for about 10 months. We had been successful in losing fat and getting fit (to a certain degree), but it was time to take it to the next level. I wanted to gain some muscle mass, but I hadn’t been successful thus far. Also, my wife wanted more visible changes in her appearance. That’s when we approached David.

David focused on teaching us the basic techniques first as well as keeping us motivated. He also taught us how to lift using the proper form and technique for each exercise, how to train hard and keep progressing, and how to maintain proper nutrition for our individual goals.

In three months, I have gained 15 pound while maintaining the same waist size. My biceps, chest, back and legs are fuller and I have been able to significantly increase the amount of weight I can lift on about every exercise.

My wife wanted to lose a few pounds but mostly tone-up her body. She has seen a lot of changes in the couple of months working with David. Her waist has gone down and her arms and legs have a tighter shape. All of this has been achieved without any major changes to her diet, just being conscious about what she eats. She has been doing the same routine that I’ve been doing and she is very excited about that fact.

We are very happy with our results and would recommend David to anyone looking to make a change in their physique, level of fitness, or overall health.


Roddy and Omarya Mercardo

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