• added 10lbs of lean muscle to his frame while simultaneously getting leaner
• learned how to cut his work-out time in half while reaping greater results
• learned to do his cardio properly in order to minimize muscle loss and maximize fat burning

Hey David, I just wanted to drop you a quick note before you left for Maryland thanking you for all of your help. I know I’ve asked you a million questions over the past three years, but every time I bugged you, you really took the time to explain things to me. You never brushed off a question as insignificant, but worked to show me the bigger pictures, and how my nutrition and weight training have to work together. Since you rewrote my workout routine last fall, I have gained over ten pounds while actually getting a little bit leaner. (Thanks for explaining the MAP test to me!) I’ll continue to train hard and eat right while you set out to build a new army on the east coast!

Make sure to keep in touch. I’ll hold down Warrenville while you’re gone.

Rick Namen

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