I started working with Dave in July 2008 after I had joined Lifetime Fitness. I was seeking a trainer that could help me understand how to workout and what tools were needed to achieve weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

David was tough with me, but that is exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. Week after week he delivered tough training sessions, held me accountable for my diet, and with that I immediately started seeing results. I didn’t see a large weight loss, but what I did see was inches shrink and my clothes go down in size. I also saw my endurance increase and I learned how to push my body during my workouts that resulted in burning more calories during my workout for longer periods of time.

I ended my training sessions with David in February 2009 because I felt that I needed to venture out on my own, taking what I learned and applying it by myself. I continued my strength training routine that he had given me and also incorporated Spin class several times a week. I recently completed two 5K runs over the past eight weeks and plan to do another one in November.

Rayna Evans
Laurel, MD

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