Naomi Miller collage

I was referred to David Johnston from my daughter’s cheer coach. I was looking for someone who could assess my ability to compete in a ladies body building competition.  During the initial consultation  process, David took my medical history, current diet and training program and developed a plan that was designed with my goals in mind.

Throughout the 16 week process,  David encouraged me to keep in contact with him via text or emails when I could not go to see him in person.  He continued to update my training and diet as needed and gave me the mental support to stay focused.  He always had a personal experience to share to help me get through the rough times of the diet/training.

When it came time for the show, David provided support (including his wife Nikki) to help me be successful. I was able to meet my goal of competing and came in second in the MD State Women’s lightweight bodybuilding division.

From this, David instilled in me the confidence and excitement to complete this goal.  I plan to compete again with David as my coach.  I completely trust David Johnston, and have no doubt that with his coaching I will continue to be successful with body building.

Naomi Miller – 10/17/11

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