• dropped several dress sizes
• lost 15lbs in 10 weeks
• learned to eat to get leaner within the confines of a vegetarian diet plan and lifestyle
• successfully learned to weight train on her own

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure to recommend David Johnston as a Personal Trainer. I started training with David in January of 2008. I trained with David from January until June of 2008. I had originally planned on training for three months, but ended up training until David moved out East. I trained longer than expected due to the amazing results I was seeing. There are many amazing qualities about David. First, David holds high expectations for his clients. Next, he is dependable. Lastly, he is very knowledgeable.

First, David held very high expectations for me. Every training session taught me that I could always do more than I thought. He pushed me to my physical and mental limit and I loved it. Most trainers are afraid of pushing their clients this way, but David is not. In every training session I went up in how much weight I was lifting. This is why I had such a positive experience. In addition, he knows how to work with different clients (e.g. goals, weight, age) and push each individual to their highest potential. Furthermore, David is perfect at pinpointing when I have had enough and will leave it at that. He also knows when I am just being lazy, and will push me to work harder. I had very positive results. I went down in my pant size, had definition in my arms (for the first time in my life), tightened my abs, and slimmed down my legs. It is truly amazing to be wearing pants I never was able to wear before!

Next, David is very dependable. David never canceled a training session on me and was always on time. In addition, he was very understanding when I suddenly had to cancel. Next, David spent one hour of his time to write down a diet for me. This was not required of David. This helped give me more motivation on how and what I was eating. After this, he had me write down what I ate and checked it on a weekly basis. Lastly, David always answered his phone no matter what time it was. Any question I had was answered. I truly appreciate David for this because I know that he will always be there to help me when I have any type of question.

Finally, David is very knowledgeable. David became my personal trainer when I heard him giving advice to another client about their cardio plan. He had such passion and intelligence in his voice that I made an appointment with him immediately. When I made an appointment, I was very impressed by his resume and what he had to say to me. I immediately signed up for a start date and began my amazing journey into the world of “those that workout.” For so long I thought I knew what it took to lose weight, but I was wrong. I learned the best way to lose weight from David. I also learned that there is so much more to working out for women than just getting onto a treadmill and running. He taught me that with the combination of diet, weight training and cardio, I could have the results I want.

David has been the best personal trainer I could have had. First, he holds high expectations for his clients. Next, he is dependable. Lastly, he is knowledgeable. He is not only my personal trainer, but also my friend. The results I got were nothing but amazing and I truly believe that David will be very successful wherever he goes. I am ready to see the next bodies he transforms! Anyone that gets a chance to work with him is lucky.

Melissa P.

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