Dear David,
I think Gopi said it all in his email. We have really loved working with you over these months. You’ve had a big impact on my overall attitude in life. I’m a much stronger person physically and mentally thanks to you.  There’s really a lot I have to thank you for. I’m sad to be having to end my sessions so abruptly without accomplishing as much as I’d like, but at this point I’m not afraid to try anymore.  I know I’ll keep going with all that you’ve taught me. I won’t say too much because I’m really teary eyed thinking about how much you’ve helped me, and I’d rather gush just once in my testimonial. I won’t say my goodbyes either because we’ll be seeing you around. Just so you know I’ve decided to go ahead and start working out with Gopi this week so that he won’t be alone for his workouts. So we’ll see you at the gym David!