AGE: 45





-2015 OCB Charm City Classic: 4th place, masters bikini

I first grew interested in doing a physique competition because I know a couple people that have competed and thought I’d love to do that. So, I put it on my “To Do” list for 2015. A friend of mine knew Sabrina Clever, so I reached out to her to help me with my contest prep.

Working with Sabrina is incredible. She pushes me in ways that I’m not able to push myself. She provides guidance when I’m not sure of something. Sabrina definitely has a personal vested interest in me.

I actually didn’t have a “hardest part of prep”, because I enjoyed the entire process. I didn’t have to think about anything. I followed the plan I was given 100%. My mind was in it way before I started, which helped immensely.

My “motivation” during difficult times was seeing the tiny bikini staring back at me! I wanted to know that I was going to get up there and show off my hard work. There really wasn’t an option for me to say I couldn’t do it. I was committed 100% from day one.

For somebody looking to get involved with physique competition, I would tell them to make sure you are willing to surrender to the process. Don’t go in thinking you can do it halfway. Find a trainer, and get them to help. Having someone else that has a vested interest helps a ton, too.

During my prep, I learned that I am strong willed, even more so than I had ever thought. There was a point at about two weeks out that I thought, I’m not ready, but that was completely wrong.

I’d like to thank my coach Sabrina Clever, and my husband Joe. Having them behind me kept me going. Sabrina for being available when those nagging questions and “what ifs” came up, and my husband for being totally understanding with food prep and getting my workouts done.

Moving forward, I plan on doing another show. I am looking to see how I can change my physique this time around.


Sabrina Clever - personal trainer columbia mdThis Warrior was trained by Sabrina Clever. Sabrina has been athletic for her entire life. She has experience as a Physical Education teacher, a gymnast, played 3 varsity sports, as well as playing collegiate field hockey.  She has taught group exercise classes and coached high school field hockey for many years. 

Sabrina’s experience combined with her degree in Physical Education makes her well qualified to lead you towards your fitness goals.  She is ready to take you to the next level- whether it be prepping for a high school or college sports team, losing weight, competing for a show, or just working to become a healthier person who enjoys physical activity.