Hey David,

Liz Paesani Figure Competition Before And AfterI am ready to make some changes in my diet/workout b/c I am tired of being fat! This is the heaviest I have been in 5 years and I am getting to the point where I am disgusting myself.  Will you help me with a nutrition plan/blueprint/whatever and maybe even some with my workouts too? (I probably would need help with the workouts since I don’t take time to plan my workouts) If I have someone to be accountable to I will do it – I am one of those people that needs someone in my face telling me to stop being a fat ass!

Any help you can give me would be SOOOO much appreciated!!

This was the email I had sent you back in Aug of 08 – I could never imagine how appreciative I would become and how much you would help me!

At the time of this email, I had no idea I would ever get to the point I am at now. I had always hoped and thought about it, but could not believe it would ever happen. Since starting my training with you, my life has transformed in so many ways and so much of that is thanks to you. With everything you have given to me, done for me, and pushed me to do, there is no possible way I could ever repay you.

***My body has transformed so much in the past 2 years, hell, in the past 6 months, that my mother almost cried when she last saw me. She was so proud of how far I had come and so happy that I was, once again, happy. And when my brother saw my abs, his mouth dropped and he was speechless – it was the best feeling ever!!*** (you can omit this part if you want, didn’t really fit anywhere in the testimonial, but I wanted to share it)


There were so many times during our workouts that I, literally, almost cried because it just hurt that bad, but you didn’t care; you made me keep going. You pushed me further than I could ever imagine I could go because you knew that was what I needed to do in order to get the body and life that I have always wanted. You constantly push me to take it to the next level – to dig deeper and give everything I have to give.

Liz with Trophy Table - Weight Loss - Figure Competition Prep

By doing that, you gave me the strength to push myself in so many other areas of my life. Not only did you transform my body, you helped transform me back to who I used to be. (I know, corny and very cliché, but true!) Even though I was “emotionally unstable” (haha), you stuck with me and tried to help me work through some of the worst times of my life. You gave me the strength that I needed to stand up for myself, to take control over what I could and find a way to deal with what I couldn’t. When my life was falling apart, you helped me find a focus point in my training. You helped give me back the confidence that I used to have so many years ago, but let fall away from me. You gave me the “command to rise” and for that I am eternally grateful!

Thank you,

Liz Paesani

UPDATE: 10/19/11

Over a short off-season of only 3-4 months, I had managed to gain almost 30lbs…talk about falling off the wagon!  This made starting back up for my first show of the year pretty difficult.  But, it also made me come to a lot of “revelations” about myself and training.  Through David’s guidance, I was able to get leaner than I ever had been before or could ever imagine…and in half the time as last year.  My weekly check-ins gave me the accountability I needed to stay on track and stick with it; when I needed an extra push with my workouts, he squeezed me into his already-packed schedule.  He gave me help when I needed it and, over the past couple years, the knowledge to deal with things in my own way.  I learned a lot about myself and what I can accomplish.  I know that when I get ready to compete again in a couple years, I will have the mental and physical fortitude to truly compete for a top spot on the stage!

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