May 2010

I have been contemplating sharing these pictures to you but I must admit I am not ready to post them.  My daughter is really the reason I am getting up the courage to show you.  I see a difference but I also see a year of time that I should have invested more for better results.  Allen is so proud but he is my husband and I figure what else can he say.  He also commented he didn’t realize I had gotten that big.  I showed him your email and he said I should send it.  I still wasn’t convinced.  So being funny I called Ashlee in who just turned 7.  I asked if she saw a difference in the pictures and she quickly pointed to the one on the left and said yeah this one is fat and that one is skinny.  I want to write a testimonial but I have to get my head in the game and start focusing on the accomplishments and stop focusing so much on what I see bad in the recent pictures.  I don’t expect you to understand this mental thing since I am crazy.  I am not even sure if you are going to be pleased.

 So I am sending the pictures but please give me time if you are planning on using them and I will get my head on straight and give a testimonial.  The words right now are just not positive.

Front Relaxed (May 2009)Front Relaxed (May 2010)

July 7, 2012

Thanks Dave.  Thanks for your persistence.  I am looking forward to getting thru the 180’s.  I only hope I can start bringing what is necessary in our workouts.  I am listening to you.  I hate frustrating you.

You will probably never know how much it has meant that I have never felt you have given up on me.  I am changing.  Slowly for sure.  Even coming to your show was a big step for me.  I was so nervous.  I don’t do well in new surroundings.  I just knew in my heart I didn’t belong there.  I kept thinking what business does a fat girl belong at this show.  That is why I was hoping to make the night show.  Since, family and all would be there; I thought I would blend in better.  I am really trying to do away with these insecurities and crazy fears.  So I came; I enjoyed and I survived. So, the scale defiantly isn’t the only tool for measurement.  I do enjoy seeing it move in the right direction.

Side Relaxed (May 2009)Side Relaxed (May 2010)