Hi! My name is Lisa Bimestefer, age 45 and I have been a member with Lifetime since its inception. A wonderful place for a relaxing day at the pool, a few laps, great classes and exceptional personal training!

I chose David because as I watched various trainers, he was the busiest, and the clients were sweating! My friend and I decided as single moms we wanted to be thrifty in our spending and have it work for all involved. David not only gave us our “bang for the buck”, but took extra time to explain dieting factors, healthy eating, kinesiology and technique. Every workout was INTENSE and I noticed more definition in my body, more awareness of my eating habits by journaling and a desire to just be more educated in one of the areas of my life that can help not only myself, but family and friends as well.

Yes, I cheated with my “too many glasses of wine” and chocolate, but knowing I was being audited, made me careful with my food choices and not completely fail at all my hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with David and look forward to future sessions. I would highly recommend his services for a lot of just darn good information for future workouts to be productive and motivation to achieve your goal no matter how big or small!

Lisa Bimestefer

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