Kerri G (Front Double Biceps)Kerri G (Front Relaxed)

• greatly increased muscle tone
• dramatically increased strength
• learned to eat properly to achieve her health and fitness goals
• discovered the intensity level necessary to continue making muscular advances

May 20, 2008

I have been working out for almost 20 years now but recently began to feel as though I have hit a plateau and could not obtain any additional gains. I also felt the stress of my approaching 40th birthday and decided it was time to kick things into high gear. I consulted with the personal training department head at the gym and indicated to him what I was hoping to achieve– more muscle mass and definition. He thought David would be the perfect match for me and my goals.

I had an initial consultation with David and was sold. He spent a great deal of time going over my current workout routine and diet. He not only explained to me what I needed to alter to achieve my goals but why I needed to make such changes.

I approached my first training session with a great deal of apprehension. I thought how could I work out any harder than I already am? Boy was I surprised! No one has ever pushed my body to the extremes that David did that day (and every session thereafter). I left that day sore, exhausted and pleasantly surprised.

I now approach my workouts with a very different outlook and a greater passion than ever before. In a short period of time I have noticed substantial changes to my physique. I credit David for these changes by teaching me to push myself to and beyond my limits and providing extensive information and alterations to my diet.

I would highly recommend David to anyone who wishes to achieve their goals– he shows no mercy when training, provides a wealth of valuable information and is extremely passionate about what he does.


Kerri G.


Kerri recently did her first series of physique competitions: the 2010 NPC Illinois State, capturing 4th in Figure A class open and 4th in Master’s Figure in a very tough lineup; then shortly thereafter, competing in the 2010 NPC Kevin Noble Natural Grand Prix, taking 3rd in Figure A class and 2nd in Master’s Figure, thus qualifying for national-level competition.  Kerri made a bold move and decided 3 weeks later to compete in an incredibly challenging show, the 2010 Junior Nationals, and had a very respectable showing.  Just prior to the show, Kerri had this to say:

“I have attached one more pic for a critique.  I know I need some upper body size.  Would I be snickered at if I do Jr. Nationals??  I love my legs and can honestly thank you for them!!!
Thanks so much for your support.”

Congratulations to Kerri for getting on stage and doing so well her first time!  Although I can’t take credit for making you look wonderful during this prep, I’m glad I was there several years back to help plant the idea in your head that you belonged on a physique stage!



Kerri G, backstage at 2010 NPC Illinois State


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Kerri G, onstage at the 2010 NPC Jr Nationals