Katie Sorota


Upon my decision to take control of my physique and hire a personal trainer, I knew that it was necessary to find a true, seasoned professional for the body transformation that I desired. That is exactly what I found in David: a serious, results-oriented coach who is relentless about helping his clients achieve their goals. In addition to his highly motivational and progress-driven approach, David has a keen understanding of how the body works with regard to metabolism and muscle definition. Not only did he share his in-depth physiological knowledge with me, but he shared his training experiences and personal training progress, which enforced his expertise and gave me the tools to continue a fitness program after reaching my goals.

I was preparing for my wedding and wanted to look very sculpted and thin in my strapless wedding dress. I had no muscle tone when I began. As the frame of my body changed, I lost several inches from my waist and abdomen, became leaner through the hips and dropped a size in clothing. The most rewarding changes are in the highly-visible definition in my shoulders and back and the absolutely lean, muscle-toned arms that received as many compliments as my wedding dress. This is the kind of body that I see on TV…on the red carpet! It feels incredible to have had such a life-altering experience. David pushed me to push myself in a way that I never imagined I was capable of. I recommend David with the utmost enthusiasm to anyone who really wants to see serious, measurable changes and take control of their physical fitness!

Katie Sorota
Age 35

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