• learned how to push through her strength and muscle plateaus after years of being stuck
• noticeably increased lower body musculature in a manner of weeks
• learned a new arsenal of exercises for making new gains

I have been working out at Lifetime Fitness for 8 years and have worked with several trainers. I saw David train for his competition and create and awesome, cut, muscular body. I then watched him train two other women and totally transform their bodies. I decided to hire David and immediately realized that he was the best trainer I ever worked with for the following reasons:

1) David is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent.
2) He explains proper technique.
3) He challenges and pushes me to achieve maximum goals.
4) He taught me about nutrition and created a customized mean plan to meet my goals.
5) He created a workout plan for me that is efficient and meets my goals of building muscle, definition and strength.
6) David is motivating and awesome to work with.

Julie L

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