Joan-Montag-Mutiple Sclerosis-Fitness Trainer Columbia MDI found out I had MS about 13 years ago and in addition to that, ended up with rheumatoid arthritis about a year later.  My balance was getting pretty bad so I began working with a trainer to help with that.  I have worked with other trainers in the past and I will say that David has to be the best I have ever worked with.  He made me see that with a little hard work I can turn my body into something amazing.

David not only trained me with weights but he also taught me that both lifting and cardio are not enough.  To see real results the diet has to change.  Diet is a really BIG part of it all.  I fought it tooth and nail but when I finally did listen, I saw the fat melt away.  I’m not going to lie; it was/is pretty incredible.  I never would have believed it unless I experienced it myself.

David trains you hard because he knows that is what it takes.  I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t go easy on me because of my medical problems.  He fights with me but I guess that’s because I need it.  I keep coming back for more so he must be doing something right.  I will say I do love the way my arms look.  I am 43 years old and I don’t have that flabby arm wave that I hate to see.

I recently went to see my neurologist and I was surprised when he told me that my physical exam was better this year than last.  He always tells me I am pretty strong.  I think he is impressed.  I also got a compliment from a young girl in the gym not that long ago.  She was probably in her early to mid 20’s and she said that when she saw me walk into the gym she was like wow, I hope I look like that when I get older.  Thanks David, keep me looking soooo good!!

Joan Montag