• reduced body fat and lost inches through the waistline
• dramatically increased strength
• learned to incorporate weight training into her fitness regimen
• learned to successfully weight train on her own

I started working with Dave Johnston in January of 2007. My goals were to gain muscle tone, strength, and to gain knowledge to become comfortable with the machines, what they do, and how they work so that I could eventually do my own weight training workouts.

At that time, I didn’t even venture over to that side of that gym at that time because I found it very intimidating. My goal is for weight training to become part of my weekly workout regiment which it had never really been in the past. I was mostly doing cardio and yoga/pilates, which I continue to do. Weight training, though, has re-sculpted my body. I have not lost any weight, but can fit into old sizes (smaller ones) that I was not in prior to weight training. As much as 1-even 2 sizes smaller!

Because weight training is challenging, I find it fun and am most faithful in making sure I get it in during the course of the week. I lift weights twice a week. I have reached my goals of strength and muscle tone, but continue to work with Dave once a week because I continue to see results and learn from him. I like Dave’s no nonsense & results oriented style. I have learned a lot and he definitely pushes the envelope. I do things and lift weights I never even dreamed I could and never would have even tried without his guidance.

My clothes fit much better because of it!!

Dave is great to work with because he’s always available if I have questions whenever I’m at the gym or even in regards to nutrition, diet, cardio workouts, etc. He wants me to be successful and see results!

Jennifer Thatcher

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