Jeanne Crowley - Before

Jeanne Crowley - Before

Jeanne Crowley - After

Jeanne Crowley - After

• dramatically increased strength and muscle tone
• perfected form of difficult exercises so she can safely train on her own
• learned to train at the appropriate intensity level to see tangible results
• inspired to generally push herself harder in all facets of life

May 2008

Dear David,

When I first signed on with you, my intent was to work with a trainer for 1 or 2 sessions to focus on learning how to work out safely. That turned into a 6-month commitment working with you twice per week! I got completely hooked.

Writing this letter was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be. How do I put into words how you have impacted my life? You were able to tap into some hidden desire and will I didn’t even know I had in me. I have felt so amazing and excited about the weights you’ve helped me get to in the workouts. I never imagined that I’d be squatting over 200lbs and using 50 and 70lbs dumbbells. Granted you gave me a “healthy” spot sometimes, but using them at all has done so much for my confidence and completely lit a fire in me.

The hardest part is letting go, but we are both moving to other states! I had grown to look forward to my workouts with you so much. It has even helped me change focus in my life to figure out ways to keep it going, where my career was always my focus before. When I’m at the gym nothing else matters. There were only a handful of times that I couldn’t shake off the frustrations of the day, but thankfully they were few!

Thank you for your friendship, for teaching me, and for getting something out of me I didn’t know I had in me. You’ve taught me so much—and my goal was achieved for learning how to lift safely. Granted, now I’ve turned into a high maintenance gym girl with my straps, gloves, dip belt and journal to tote around with me!

I hope you know how heartfelt and sincere I am when I say thank you. I fully intend to continue and achieve even more milestones! You have changed my life forever.

Thank you, David.



P.S.- If you ever run out of gym, you know how to find me!

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