NAME: Jean-Paul Rock

AGE: 27



DIVISION: Men’s Physique Division

CONTEST HISTORY: 2015 NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic (did not place)

I have loved working out for a long time, and a friend recommended the idea of competing, so I wanted to give it a shot.  I found out about TEAM Warrior Within through the posing clinic, which my friend found on

After speaking with Nikki Johnston that first day, I have been training with her ever since.  I love working with Nikki– how she pushes me, and the knowledge she has imparted regarding nutrition has benefited my training immensely.

The hardest part of prep was definitely the very low carb days.  Having to deal with people when you have o energy and they have no idea how hard it really is.  On those days, I had to keep a constant inner dialogue to get through the difficult times, just keep pushing myself.  I always had to remember that I was just doing this for myself, and that was my biggest motivator.

For those thinking about competing, I would recommend they make sure this is something they really want to do.  Don’t let anyone get in your way or talk you down about what you’re doing.

During my prep, I saw that if you put your mind into something, anything is possible.

I’d like to thank Nikki Johnston for guiding me through the process.  And of course, my mother, for dealing with me on those low-carb days!  The next step is to keep working hard, and eventually make it to a bodybuilding stage!

-Jean-Paul Rock

Jean-Paul Rock Before - After
Jean-Paul Rock Before - After

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